Loud Pipes!

134: Motus Motorcycles Tribute and Loud Pipes Fourth Anniversary

September 14th, 2018


  • You may have heard that Motus closed thier doors, but instead of being sad we decided to make this episode a tribute and celebration. Coupled with our fourth anniversary of Loud Pipes! this was certainly a good time.
  • Episode 4 is where we first discovered the Baby Block (need to repost this episode)
  • Episode 20 Rico interviews Lee Conn during a factory visit (need to repost this episode)
    • This visit introduced us to Barber!
  • Rich finally rides the Motus MST episode 56
  • Rico Rides the MST and R with Lee Conn at Barber (episode 60), also includes a conversation with Brian Case

Photos through the years:
Rico Rides the MSTR

Rich Rides the MST

Rico on Supercharged Motus

New Motus Colors

All prior Motus related episodes have more pictures to view: 4, 20, 56, and 60


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