Episode 175

175: Annual Predictions 2020


January 23rd, 2020

1 hr 47 mins 44 secs

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Annual Predictions - 2020

*2019 scoring (tie Jon and Rich) *

  • 2 points, correct prediction, unanimous among the group or evidence to prove it
  • 1 point, yeah you were on the right path, but not 100% or cannot prove or not unanimous
  • 0 points, you were just wrong

* 0 - No dice for Indian AFT 2019 (no championship)
* Nope, Indian killed it again
* 0 - Indian announces / releases electric
* Nope
* 2 - Two bikes in Clubhouse
* At least
* 0 - Harley or Indian release a bike under 500cc
* Nope
* 2 - Another H2 in Kawasaki line
* Yeah baby, the Z H2
* 0 - we lose another motorcycle manufacturer - signs of overall recession coming and that only spells more bad news for motorcycles
* None that I can find
Clubhouse **Tony T**
* 1 - I got a prediction for 2019. I don’t know about the Sportster line but I think the 883 is dead. I predict that when the 2020 lineup is announced that there will be no 883 models. I’ll do you one further and say that only 3 Sportsters will remain come October; The Iron 1200, The 48 and the 1200 XLC (Custom).
* Close, all that remains is the 48, Iron 883, Iron 1200, and Roadster
* 0 - Come October Harley will announce a Scrambler model based on the Street Rod.... and based on some of the dealership customs I’ve seen it’ll probably be really cool!
* Nope

2020 predictions (suggested topics for predicting)
* Bike model: Can-AM restyles the F3
* Brand: Harley redesigns the sportster line
* Industry: Non-USA manufacturer announces electric motorcycle
* Personal: Bacon buys a new bike
* Rich does 12k or more miles on bike(s)
* Wildcard: Harley sets the price too high $24,999 or more for the Pan America (base model)
* Bike: Kawasaki announces a 2021 model middleweight dual-sport to replace the KLR 650
* Brand: Indian moves powerplus into more current models
* Industry: The death of more cruiser models less than 5
* Personal: Rogue buys a Harley

* Jon hits 25k miles in one year
* Bonus: Triumph launches completely new Tiger 1200
* Bike: Honda rolls out VFR concept on the bike show circuit
* Brand: Indian Motorcycle announces plans for their electric line of bikes
* Industry: More race teams that are “factory” shift to privateer with factory support
* Personal: Jon gets new Spyder
* Bacon rides Tiger 900, doesn’t like it cause he’s buying a Pan America
* Bonus: Ducati unveils V4 Multistrada

Dyno chart from Bacon's Dyna

Bacon Dyna - Dyne Chart

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