Episode 46

46: Aerin Shaw - Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde Exhaust


June 3rd, 2016

48 mins 56 secs

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In this episode the guys sit down with the lovely Ms. Aerin Shaw, Vice President and General Manager for the  Jekill and Hyde Company USA.  Aerin shares details about why the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system was developed.  Currently the exhaust is only available in the USA for the following brands: Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Honda Goldwing. 

The exhaust is one of the top European brands in the market as it allows riders to quiet their bike to avoid sound tickets.  That is correct - some European countries will ticket you as much as $3,000 dollars and impound your bike if it's too loud!

Aerin then dives into her little side project - Les Femmes Vitesse.  Aerin shares about how she started this project and the requirements to be a member.  Sorry guys - this group is only for Fast Women and you can only join by being invited by another Les Femmes Vitesse rider.

Aerin also shares details – and a few stories – about what bikes she rides, which include a Harley-Davidson Road King Police bike for work, and a sizzling hot and wicked fast Suzuki Hayabusa on weekends – in black and pink of course! Zoom! 


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