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65: ADV Demo Day Part 1 with Guest Brian Hunnicutt

November 24th, 2016

Part one of our ADV demo day also brings an ADV ringer to help us discuss the bikes and the ADV experience.  Rich, Jon, and two of the Riders of Loud Pipes members Micah and Titus attended the ADV demo day at Motorcycles of Charlotte.

Before getting into show we like to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe while out Black Friday shopping.

Our special guest Brian Hunnicutt joins us for our ADV talk.  Brian has a 2013 BMW R1200 GS and has taken his bike not just on-road and off-road, but also on the race track!  Brian enjoys the BMW GS due to the boxer engine, low center of gravity, and all road aspects of the motorcycle. 

ADV Demo day bikes ridden by Rich:

Brian is also a track instructor and Rich gets some pointers on what he needs to prep before he hits the track.

Links to some things mentioned by Brian

Sheetiron 300 Dualsport ride - Oakland Motorcycle Club

Brian riding the Sheet Iron 300 2016 BMW R1200GS'S

And on a sad note, Brian's crash Sheetiron 300 2016


  • We received some feedback via Facebook from the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast and they mentioned that the Harley Street Bob is not a new bike, and was introduced in 2006.  Rico is still not a fan.  


  • Triumph Bobber Event (by Motorcycles of Charlotte) December 19th, 2016
  • Easyriders Bike Show Charlotte, NC January 21th, 2017

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Running time:  1 hour 08 minutes

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