Episode 93

93: Moto-vlogging with Amp'd Moto and Indian Scout Bobber


July 25th, 2017

1 hr 27 mins 14 secs

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In this installment of Loud Pipes! we are joined by a fellow friend/rider/moto-vlogger Amp'd Moto.  Clocking in at almost an hour and half we got a little long winded for this one. 


  • Amp'd Moto - Background
    • 10ish years in the saddle and has ridden various sport bikes in the past
    • Current Ride - 100th Edition Harley-Davidson V-Rod
  • Amp'd Moto Moto-Vlogging  Setup and Editting
  • Amp'd is looking at next bike and is looking at the FJ-09.  We talk about other bikes in the same class, get everyones view on them, and set the stage for a future episode
  • Indian Scot Bobber - we give our initial thoughts from photos and specs


8 Days a week List from Amp'd Moto:


Running time:  1 Hours 27 minutes

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