Loud Pipes!

111: Annual Predictions Show and 2017 Year of Beer

December 30th, 2017

We score our 2017 motorcycle predictions and make new ones for 2018.  There is an update on the R6 build and the 2017 year of beer compilation following this episode audio. 


First up, scoring 2017 predictions from episode 70:


  • 2 points: correct prediction, unanimous among the group or evidence to prove it
  • 1 point: yeah you were on the right path, but not 100% or cannot prove or not unanimous
  • 0 points: you were just wrong



  • (0) Rico gets a bike - on/off road over 250cc
  • (0) Indian does some type of water cooling for touring bikes
  • (0) Conflict between aftermarket modifications and bike warranties around exhaust comes to a head


  • (0) Rico get a bike... ADV class
  • (0) Harley wins American Flat Track championship.
  • (2) Indian releases a new bike model
  • (2) More vintage style looking bikes


  • (2) Rich doesn't start project bike
  • (0) Bryce gets a new bike before Rich does
  • (0) There will be no new Bobber style bikes from manufacturers
  • (2) HD puts Mil8 in all bikes except Sportster and Street series

Rider of Loud Pipes!:

Mark A

  • (2) Indian will continue expanding its part and accessories line-up
  • (2) HD 2018 will expand the 107 to the Softail and Dyna lines.
  • (0) HD will start to scare away customers if they start to restrict warranty claims on non OEM parts.


  • (2) Line between ADV/Upright sport touring will continue to blur
  • (2) More new mini ADV bikes like the G310GS or VStrom 300x


  • (2) HD in 2018 will expand the 107 to the Softail and Dyna lines.



  • The pace of new motorcycle models slows (by 20%)
  • Harley-Davidson revamps the Sportster line and perhaps a new engine
  • Harley-Davidson announces or releases an ADV class bike 
  • Harley-Davidson announces production details for the LiveWire!
  • Three or more bikes purchased in the Rider of Loud Pipes Clubhouse


  • Can-AM will announce a spyder under $10k
  • Another manufacturer will release a turbo or supercharged bike to match what Kawasaki is doing
  • Rich gets R6 on the track and falls in love with doing track days
  • Helmet manufacturers add head up displays, units will hit the market and make riders safer
  • Harley-Davidson will reduce a new model (way to reach Jon)
  • Indian Motorcycle will win the American Flat Track series


  • More retro cafe racer style and naked motorcycles
  • More scrambler and sport touring motorcycles
  • Smaller brands getting into the bobber, scrambler, cafe game
  • More range and presence for electric motorcycles
  • More retro models for Kawasaki
  • electric cruiser comes to market

Rider of Loud Pipes!:

Chris (Slacker):

  • By the end of 2018 Jon will have a motorcycle in his garage (as in 2 wheels)
  • Rico will buy a bunch of Honda Groms and invite the clubhouse down to CR to film an episode of "Ride with Rico Hogan."


  • HD redesigns the sportster platform, mainly meaning a new power plant
  • One of the big 5 (Honda, HD, Indian, Kawasaki, or Yamaha) bring a full electric model to market
  • Zyon ends the year with a Guzzi in his garage (bonus)


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Running time: 2 hours 23 minutes

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