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112: New Rider Series and Spyder Sadness

January 5th, 2018

This week kicks off with an announcement of our new rider series.  At least four episodes dedicated to helping new and returning riders get into motorcycling.  Jon is pulled into the conversation on his Spyder so that we can all get a proper update on all the sadness. 


We are starting a mini-series, that eventually will be put together as a reference episode.  The idea is, let’s do our part for the motorcycle community and help to foster new riders

Four part series covering the following major topics:

  • Get some training
    • Monday 1/8/2018 we will record this episode with a former motorcycle safety instructor
  • Get some gear
    • Let’s cover the basics of what a new rider should get
    • Where to spend your money
    • Gear that you don’t ne ed
  • Get a bike
    • Look at bikes suited for a learning rider
    • New models available
    • Good used bike choices
    • Scooters (can start without having a license)
    • Dirt riding (Rich feels one of the best ways to understand and practice bike control)
  • Find your community (although we could argue this should be first)
    • Reach out to various social media outlets that interest you
    • Facebook, EatSleepRide, Moto-Amino, podcasts, and more
    • Local events, local dealers, club, industry, trade shows, etc


We welcome SquatchyPete :) to the Riders of Loud Pipes Clubhouse.  A big thank you to him and all of the Riders for their support


Slacker needs a new exhaust for his Kawasaki Vulcan S, we listen to five different makes and give our suggestions

1. Scorpion Custom Exhaust (audio sample from: Kee Lin Lee)

2. Arrow Rebel (audio sample from: SpeedMob

3. Two Brother Racing (audio sample from: Two Brothers Racing)

4. Delkevic -  (audio sample: Amit Dadlaney)

  • $369 - 450 depending on type

5. Danmoto Highwayman 2-1 Full Exhaust Kawasaki Vulcan S

  • 350 or so as far as I can tell.  
  • There are some reviews that reference needing a different sized bolt than what comes in the kit and some general quality concerns.  Look into this before you buy, but it sounds nice.


  • Easyriders Bike Show Charlotte - January 20, 2018
  • Feb 18-21 Moto-Amino ride to Key West FL.  - Feb 18th is a saddle sore 1000!
  • 2nd Annual Congregation show - April 14 2-8pm
  • 1st Annual Loud Pipes Meetup - TBD…. send in feedback as we are still planning date and location
  • 2nd Annual East Coast Meetup - June 9th 2018 - Wake Forest, NC.
  • 3rd Annual MPC June 21st 2018 - July 11th 2018

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Running time: 1 hour 33 minutes

Questions or comments: feedback@rdubstudios.com or the Feedback page

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