Episode 145

145: Annual Predictions Show - 2018


December 27th, 2018

55 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Our annual predictions show scores our thoughts for 2018 (episode 111 for 2017 version) and we release some predictions for the next year.


2 points, correct prediction, unanimous among the group or evidence to prove it
1 point, yeah you were on the right path, but not 100% or cannot prove or not unanimous
0 points, you were just wrong

(0) 1. Pace of new models will slow (20%)
(1) 2. Harley revamps the Sportster line and perhaps a new engine
(2) 3. Harley announces or releases some sort of ADV
(2) 4. Production details for the LiveWire
(2) 5. Three or more bikes purchased in ClubHouse

Rico send us feedback as to your thoughts on the points that have ranges and we'll declare a winner on January 3, 2019
(1-2) 1. more retro cafe racer style and naked motorcycles
(2) 2. more scrambler and sport touring motorcycles
(0-1) 3. smaller brands getting into the naked, scrambler, cafe game
(1) 4. more range and presence for electric motorcycles
(1-2) 5. More retro models for Kawasaki
(0) 6. electric cruiser comes to market

(0) 1. Rich gets R6 on the track and falls in love with doing track days.
(0) 2. Another manufacturer will release a turbo/supercharged bike to match what Kawi is doing.
(2) 3. Can-AM will announce a spyder under $10k
(1) 4. Head-up display helmet and aftermarket units will hit the market and will turn rider into much safer.
(2) 5. Harley will intro a new model…
(1) 6. Indian Takes Flat Track championship - not due to bike, but riders.


Chris (Old Man Slacker) **
(0) 1. By the end of 2018 Jon will have a motorcycle in his garage (as in 2 wheels)
(0) 2. Rico will buy a bunch of Honda Groms and invite the clubhouse down to Costa Rica to film an episode of "Ride with Rico Hogan."

(1) 1. HD redesigns the sportster platform... mainly meaning a new power plant.
(1) 2. One of the big 5( Honda, HD, Indian, Kawai or Yamaha) bring a full electric model to market.
(1) 3. Zyon ends the year with a Guzzi in his garage(bonus)??

2019 predictions (3 each)

No dice for Indian AFT 2019 (no championship)
Indian announces / releases electric
Two bikes in Clubhouse

Harley or Indian release a bike under 500cc
Another H2 in Kawasaki line
we lose another motorcycle manufacturer - signs of overall recession coming and that only spells more bad news for motorcycles

Clubhouse **
**Tony T

  • I got a prediction for 2019. I don’t know about the Sportster line but I think the 883 is dead. I predict that when the 2020 lineup is announced that there will be no 883 models. I’ll do you one further and say that only 3 Sportsters will remain come October; The Iron 1200, The 48 and the 1200 XLC (Custom).
  • Come October Harley will announce a Scrambler model based on the Street Rod.... and based on some of the dealership customs I’ve seen it’ll probably be really cool!


  • April 12th - 14th - MotoGP Austin, TX - Still in planning and only Jon confirmed so far
  • June 1st 2019 East Coast Moto Amino Meetup - Salisbury NC
  • Planning for 2019 Loud Pipes meetup - NC Summer. Looking for rough headcount for July 4th weekend.
  • August 9th - 12th 2019 - Upstate NY Trip for Jon
  • May 2020 - Isle of Man TT
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