Episode 146

146: State of the Studio Address


January 4th, 2019

50 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

Next Spoken Wheel episode is scheduled for January 31, 2019 @ 9pm eastern, contact us if you are interested in joining the round table conversation.



2018 highlights

  • Over 72 hours of produced content across 3 shows (Loud Pipes, MotoNobodies, Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge)
  • Loud Pipes had almost as many downloads in 2018 than all prior years combined!
  • MotoNobodies is finding their way and achieved an average show download number equal to Loud Pipes year year
  • LP audience is 82.4% US followed in order by United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, all other countries listed in the last 2%.
  • Apple podcast and related clients accounts for 63% of all downloads with 14% being the next largest category of other
  • MotoNobodies is similar for countries, but has 58% Apple, 23% Android clients, and other is around 8% of the download total


  • 6 podcasts with 15 riders in total and 49 individual riders also signed up, with 29 riders earning points.
  • 25,635 miles accumulated by all rider, which is enough to make a trip around the earth!
  • Congrats again to Throttled podcast for winning the team challenge, and Zyon for the individual challenge

Thank you to guests of the show for past year

  • Irishman, KP Moto, Brother Bacon, Amp’d Moto, Colin (aka Broncoride), Aaron Smith, Liza Miller, Joey Mitchell, Dangerous Dave, Old Man Slacker, Sean Burch, Justin Webster, Roger Smith, Tom Churchill,

Big events of 2018

  • New rider series
  • Meetup in Gettysburg
  • Barber trip

2019 plans

  • LP without Rico for a while, interview heavy, more guests, perhaps other podcast hosts to join and fill that void.
  • Patreon alternative, starting up direct links with Paypal and checks to our P.O. box
  • Episodic level support and general support for the studio
  • Some sort of split amongst the three shows

Loud Pipes Racing

  • Support for racers for 2019 and beyond
  • Individual bikes of Brian Hunnicutt
  • The Peoples bike at Isle of Man TT for 2019 and 2020
  • Rich's R6 will run with the Loud Pipes! Racing graphics for track days

Individual Thanks

  • Rico: For his contributions to the show and behind the scenes efforts. Although he is currently taking a break, we started Loud Pipes over 4 years and 145 episodes ago, so a break to focus on family priorities is needed and well deserved
  • Jon: What can I say, he does so much on the show and even more behind the scenes that people may not see directly, but without his efforts, your would for sure notice. Show notes, reminding me about things that need to get done, helping to plan and arrange topics/guests/content. Website updates, show notes, or just a place for me to vent out some frustration
  • Natalie (and Jon again really) Work on MPC, graphics, swag, and also general advice and support as needed
  • Brother Bacon for his efforts on the MotoNobodies podcast, his appearances on LP, and overall support again behind the scenes

Thank you to Riders of Loud Pipes!

  • Markus, Rickard, Edward, Jebie, and Zyon, Chuck, KnobbyTyre, Old Man Slacker, S.U.R Mike, the executive producer of chaos and mayhem, Steven, Jacob, Sean, Steve, Micah, Kenny, Dangerous Dave, James, Broncoride, Rich, Joe, Tony, Darren, the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast, Jared, Cale, and our newest member David Lineberger

Thank you all for your support. It’s sincerely appreciated and we have some exciting plans for 2019, that are possible in part by the support from this group of great people.


  • April 12th - 14th - MotoGP Austin, TX - Still in planning and only Jon confirmed so far
  • June 1st 2019 East Coast Moto Amino Meetup - Salisbury NC
  • Planning for 2019 Loud Pipes meetup - NC Summer. Looking for rough headcount for July 4th weekend.
  • August 9th - 12th 2019 - Upstate NY Trip for Jon
  • May 2020 - Isle of Man TT
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