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167: Five Year Anniversary - Time For Change

September 9th, 2019


  • Five Year Anniversary
  • Changes to show format
    • Introducing Bacon as regular co-host, previous appearances: 91, 115, 120, 128, 129, 141.
    • Record less often, but foster deeper conversation
    • Patreon closed, move to direct value for value model
    • Support model will evolve and some things remain like the clubhouse for all existing Riders of Loud Pipes
  • Look back at our changes over the past five years
    • Rico: started with Yamaha R6 and moved to an Indian Roadmaster
    • Rich: started with KLR650 and H-D Deuce, moved to Yamaha R6 and Honda Interceptor
    • Jon: the surprise of the decade with buying his first Spyder in year one
  • Rich completes track day #3 with N2 Track Days at Carolina Motorsports Park
    • New stickers for track bike courtesy of Highside Photo, thanks Raul Jerez

Rich at CMP with N2 Track Days - August 30, 2019
photo: Raul Jerez - Highside Photo

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