Episode 34

34: Moto Guzzi with Jim May from Matthews Fun Machines


December 11th, 2015

1 hr 6 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

This episode we sat down with Jim May from Matthews Fun Machines and he shares his riding experience from last 45 years and his passion for Moto Guzzi Motorcycles.

Rico has made it back to the states, but is off traveling again with his new found mezcal.

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Jon surprises Rich and Rico with the thought of giving up riding motorcycles if given a billion dollars.  As this was one of the topics from Matthew Williams moto blogging videos.  After Rich and Rico thought for a few moments they both agree they could as they could use put the money to A LOT of good use.

Interview with Jim May:

  • Jim has been working at Matthews Fun Machines for 2 years.
  • We discuss new and upcoming Moto Guzzi motorcycles and the history of the company
  • Moto Guzzi started using the 90 degree v-twin in 1967
  • Modified exhaust can sound like a V-8 engine and some aftermarket exhaust is made across the street from the Moto Guzzi factory.
  • On the roof of the factory is an oval track.  Moto Guzzi still takes bikes to the roof for a 1-2 miles ride to make sure bike is function correctly before being shipped to dealers.
  • Bikes are 100% hand built in Mandello del Lario, Italy.
  • Jim has been riding since 1975.
    • First Moto Guzzi was 850T and trading in a 750 Ducati for it.
    • One of his favorite bikes was a Moto Guzzi SB1000
    • Le Mans line was another favorite bike
    • Previously owned a California 1100
    • Currently has a California 1400, which Rico test rode this back and we talked about it during episode 31
    • Has owned 7 Ducati, 8 Moto Guzzi, Buell, Harley Davidson and some small Honda bikes over his lifetime.
    • Has restored a 1970's Moto Guzzi 750 Bike and might see it a Easyriders show in Charlotte in January.
  • Jim said that Matthew Fun Machine is hoping to get 2 Moto Guzzi Flying Fortress once they are released.  One might be a demo bike so that will allow Rich to take it out for a little spin.

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Running time: 1 hour 07 minutes
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