Episode 36

36: Motorcycle Predictions Old and New, Plus 2016 Show Plans


January 21st, 2016

1 hr 17 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to our first episode of 2016.  We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

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Rich wished both Rico and Jon a happy birthday.  Rico's special day was on December 27th and Jon's was on December 31st.

Jon explained that he was unable to attend Episode 35 due to doggie not doing very well and went to pick her up from the vet hospital.  Jon and Natalie had to make a hard choice and have to put Roxy to sleep.  She had a great 14 years with Natalie and 12 years with Jon.   She was also very loving on Rich when he visited.

Jon also thanked Rich for making a surprise visit to his birthday party that Natalie planned for his 40th birthday.

 One of the first rides with the new windshield.

One of the first rides with the new windshield.

Rico is looking at a set of stage 2 cams for his Indian Roadmaster

Rich then wanted to point out a sweet 106 ci hop up kit for 96 ci Harley twin cams

Jon has been logging miles on the WRX and hit 5000 miles and have named her... Della, based on the license plate of DLA.

Rich received his Stein form Kline pottery.  Rich and Rico took ride to the pottery shop and on the way they found the Devil's whip.  More details about Kline pottery and the ride can be found in episode 22.  Rich also supported Michael in his Indiegogo campaign to get a new kiln.

        <img class="thumb-image" alt=" Now that's a stein! " data-image="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53f8e2c8e4b0d77c2329c334/t/56a1aae41a5203cff0c263dd/1453435623771/" data-image-dimensions="2448x3264" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" data-load="false" data-image-id="56a1aae41a5203cff0c263dd" data-type="image" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53f8e2c8e4b0d77c2329c334/t/56a1aae41a5203cff0c263dd/1453435623771/?format=1000w" />

      <p>Now that's a stein!</p>

Review and prediction from 2015. (Rico did not partake and Jon had not join the guys yet.)

  • Yamaha R1 leads sales in 1000cc market.  Outcome: scored well in comparos, MotoAmerica series champ was on an R1.  Rico and Jon gave Rich a half point.
  • Electric bikes increase in popularity. Outcome: It sort of happened.  Victory released their first electric bike the Empulse TT after it acquired the motorcycle arm from Brammo.  Victory did run the bike at the Isle of Man in the electric division one lap race and finished 3rd.  Zero refreshed their lineup and added two new models.  Rico and Jon gave Rich 1 point
  • Harley announces plans for LiveWire production and bonus point for announcement coming at Sturgis.  Outcome: It didn't happen.  Harley in fact announced that the LiveWire will be a few yeas away and it didn't come out at Sturgis.  Rico and Jon gave Rich -1.5 points for this prediction for not coming true.

2016 Predictions


  1. Indian and Victory increase in sales numbers
  2. Zero leads electric bike sales.
  3. Scrambler sales leaders, ducati, triumph.  Bonus: Yamaha next to do a scrambler.
  4. Naked bike sales leader - KTM 390.
  5. Sportster and street from HD sales increase.


  1. Increased range for electric bikes and increase in sales again.
  2. Bike manufacturers adding forced induction.
  3. Rich rides the Guzzi flying fortress, loves it, and sells the Harley and purchase the flying fortress.
  4. Subaru continues high safety ratings.
  5. Rico will buy Wendy a motorcycle.


  1. Electric bikes/cars sales will decrease due to cheaper gas/oil prices.
  2. Large front wheel trend has hit peak and will decrease.
  3. New custom tread comes out in 2016.
  4. Something new from HD - for new/female riders.
  5. Demo ride of the Multistrada enduro will be cool, but not the one to buy.

The Raleigh North Carolina lost a major face in the motorcycle world and drag racing during December with the passing of Ray Price.  

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Running time: 1 hour 18 minutes
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