Episode 40

40: Heated Gear, Harley Custom Kings, Ape Hangers, and More Ride Planning


March 17th, 2016

1 hr 5 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Matthew Williams joins us again to talk about his new heated gear this season, the Honda Magna project bike, and a big ride coming up in May.  Matthew previously appeared on Episode 32

Reminder of our long ride contest.  Send us your planned destinations of what you consider a long ride to feedback@rdubstudios.com or use our feedback page.  We'll also draw two names from the responses and send you a Loud Pipes t-shirt.  Submission deadline is May 1, 2016.

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  • gets warm very quickly (also a con, see below)
  • windproof and not overly bulky


  • Was hoping the gloves were more a gauntlet, however the do not fit over his textile jacket sleeves
  • Lights on gloves are very hard to see in daylight, Red (Hottest)/ Yellow (Midway)/ Green (Min).  Somewhat difficult to turn on when hands are in the gloves.  Also, the gear starts at the highest setting.
  • No good documentation on any of the kit, especially wattage.
  • Coat appears to be 90W and gloves are 22W combined.  Important to know as a bike's electrical system only supports so much load.  ALL heated gear manufacturer's should stress more about this.
  • Be mindful of the polarity, if this is reversed you gear is on full high all the time!

Rich offers an alternative to keep your neck warm

Update on Matthew's Honda Magna project bike

  • Magna needs new carb boots and the front calipers need rebuilding.  About $150 in parts to get it fully back to where it should be.
  • Rich likes that V4 sound and is considering a used VFR project bike

MotoBlogging Meetup

  • Various moto-vloggers from NC, SC, TN, an GA are meeting up in the North Carolina mountains.  There will be a group ride, some camping, and the usual shenanigans.
  • We got into some of the planning details, which leads us toward our long riding episode later this year.
  • Possible routes include: The tail of the Dragon, the Skyway, Devil's Whip, and other great roads in the area.
  • Congrats to Matthew for almost reaching 100 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.
  • Sena - Rich has taken step to tech side on bike - Jon and Rich split cost for dual pack Sena 20s.
    • Matthew and Jon tested out with bike to car with Sena
    • Rich - test out bike at all? No, but I did take it out of the box :)


  • Auto fair Charlotte Speedway April
  • Long range: Barber - October 2016

Running time: 1 hour 05 minutes

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