Episode 43

43: Long Ride Planning Part 1 with Ted from the Motorcycle Men


April 28th, 2016

1 hr 19 mins 6 secs

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Tonight the guys kick off their long ride planning talking about preparing your bike and yourself.  The guys are joined by Ted from the Motorcycle Men podcast to share his experience with long riding.  Rich called into the Motorcycle Men podcast during their Episode 22 recording. Rich, Rico, and Ted all where able to get out on their bikes as the east coast weather has made a turn toward warmer weather.

What the guys sipped on during the show:

Rich noted that we are going to keep the recorder going after we sign off.  This un-cut audio will be publishing to Patreon.  If you like to hear this audio please support us via Pateron and the minimum is only $1 per month!


Rich views a long ride as riding all day on the bike - not going out meeting guys and just hanging out.  A good example of this would be mountain ride discussed in episode 42.

Reading recommendation for preparing the mind and body for long distance riding:


  • Focus on getting hydrated couple of days before ride
  • Get a good amount of quality rest
  • Do a nut and bolt check of bike a few weeks before ride, so you have time to correct larger issues
  • Plan out a realistic route with some options for change


  • Perform bike check- breaks, tires, tire pressure, fluids, and chain/belts
  • Focus on yourself - eat light, hydrate, stretch, etc
  • Check the weather so know what type of gear you need
  • Have right gear for the type of riding you plan to do
  • Have reflective gear if riding at night to make sure you are seen by others


  • Carry a tire repair kit and tire pump
  • Have extra oil and fuel
  • A must is to have zip ties as they can be very useful in many cases
  • Tool kit
  • Wear compression gear to help with blood flow
  • Camelbak to allow you drink while riding so you stay hydrated.
  • Use the street view in Google Maps to have and idea what road will be like.


  • Have route planned out and everyone be familiar with an overview of the route.
  • Furkot used to plan trip, which allows you to export to other devices.
  • Alternative to using dedicated GPS unit - check out an app called Co-Pilot.
  • For group riding, make sure everyone knows where next stop will be in case group gets split
  • Carry USB battery pack to provide extra power for devices

Harley announces a new Sportster: The Roadster   The guys really like the bike and how it looks.

One of Patron members Markus sent us a how Harley should have done it.  Ted doesn't like and Rich loves it.

Rich gets Ted's opinion of the Moto Guzzi Flying Fortess.  Ted - doesn't like the heads sticking out of side.  Says batman would buy this bike if he was looking for a bike, also thinks the bike is ugly.  Rich loves the bike and is really looking forward to being able to ride it after the release in Sturgis.

The guys talked about the Ducati XDiavel.  Ted was able to sit on bike and said the cockpit is too small for his size, but loves the look.  Rich and Rico are planning on riding it June, stay tune as there will for sure be a show talking about the XDiavel ride.


After the recent helmet tech episode, we spin around and take a quick look at a patent from Honda for blind spot monitoring for bikes.   The guys don't really like this nor want it on their bikes.


Upcoming events that one or more Loud Pipes! members plan on attending: 

Motorcycle Men Events:

  • 2nd Annual High Point group Ride - Saturday, May 14th
  • Americade - June 7th-11th

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Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

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