Episode 78

78: Riding Vintage with Devah Walkem

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This week we have a guest to talk about riding vintage motorcycle exclusively and over long distances.  Joining Rico in studio this week, we have a great conversation to share with everyone.

Devah Walkem

  • Rides a 1939 80ci Harley Flathead and a 1980 Sturgis Harley (only 1400 of these ever created)
  • Learned on a Yamaha Virago
  • Flathead upgraded from 45 to 80 cubic inch by her husband Wymand.
  • The bike had low center of gravity and was a great bike being short of 5'4".
  • Main reason Devah rides is the freedom and seeing new sights, and the feeling of different winds
  • Been riding for 35 years and has gone from Toronto to New Orleans as well as Toronto to Sturgis
  • Once ran out of gas in Oregon and once off the highway,  a gas truck pulled in behind and filled them up!
  • Tips for riding vintage bikes is to be mechanically inclined, have a good back, and be prepared to be looked at.
  • Tip for women is to carry a scarf that can be used for to keep you warm and cool.
  • Best state to ride in the USA is Utah in Devah's opinion.
  • Salt river canyon in particular is a great place.
  • Having ridden on the back for many years, she enjoys the different feeling of being a passenger, which allows for looking around more at the scenery and Nagigation (new term for us)
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Running time:  53 minutes

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