Episode 77

77: The Fashionista Still Has an Iron Butt


March 1st, 2017

1 hr 15 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

We are once again joined by one of our past guests to get a update from her.  You guessed it, we have the Fashionista joining the show again.  Before getting an update from Deb we talk about what make a new motorcycle model.

What makes a new new motorcycle model:

  • Harley released the Road King Special model, which we covered in past episodes and we cover a little more detail to setup the conversation.
  • Indian released the Indian Roadmaster Classic Model.  Indian removed the hard bags off the roadmaster and replaced them leather bags and a few other tweaks.
  • Between the two models - we think Harley did a better job
  • We relate these new models to what car companies would call a trim level.

Fashionista Update:

  • Visited Motorcycles of Charlotte on way back from Barber.  Deb will be going back to dealership in late spring test ride some BMW bikes.
  • 2 weeks ago Deb rode to Florida to do an article for April 2017 BMW Motorcycle Owners of America News Magazine.  Deb finds places off the beaten path places to visit and thing that might have been forgot or lesser known.  This trip was to Old Florida.
    • Started out in Wakulla Springs, FL - 14 miles south of Tallahassee, FL. Is one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs.
    • Next stop was Cedar Keys, FL - highly recommend as a place to go and relaxing.  Hugest claming since the 90's. 
    • Next stop on the trip was Crystal River, FL and was able to rub the belly of a manatee.  Which was on her bucket list.
    • Last stop on trip was Mount Dora, FL - Cool little town, motorcycle friendly and a lot to do.
    • Total trip miles about 1200 miles.
  • Heading back to Florida for the first week of Daytona bike week.  Will be attending the super cross racing.
  • Cold weather riding -
    • BMW Under layer suite
    • Olympia Expedition all season suite
    • Place hand warmers in all pockets to help keep warm
    • New Boots - Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex Boots - Great boot as feet never got cold
  • Packing for Long Trips:
    • Saddle Bags
    • Dry Sacks 35 liters with Rok Straps
    • Have a bottle of wine, glass, and opener with her.
  • Nice tent, which has a living area and an area to allow you to wrench redverz Atacama Tent
  • Will not be at Barber as she will be doing 50CC ride during late September - early October.
  • Deb also started writing for Modern Moto Magazine. Check it out!
    • Katie Fox owner
    • Magazine is geared towards fashionable gear
    • First article about how to pack and keep your fashion sense on road

7 + 1 Segment:

We are starting a new segment thanks to Mike, who is part of the Riders of Loud Pipes group.  In our off-line social chat, Mike asked if money was no object what 7 bikes, cars, boats, etc would you have in your garage.  Then one project to work on.  We require at least 4 bikes on the list.  Here we go! 






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