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76: Cleveland IMS Recap with Zyon

February 22nd, 2017

We are joined again this week we a special guest.  This time its one of our own Riders of Loud Pipes! First Five member Zyon, who took a trip to the IMS show in Cleveland.  Zyon joins us to give his recap of what he saw at the show and a few other topics.

Little background on Zyon

  • A First Five member in the Riders of Loud Pipes
  • Several bikes in garage
    • 2013 Harley Davidson Deluxe
    • 1998 Kawasaki KLR (Rich's old bike) using as a winter bike this year
    • Custom Kawasaki 440 hardtail - for sale if anyone is looking

Cleveland IMS Show

  • Harley Davidson was demonstrating how to pick up a bike from a dropped position
  • Honda was pushing the new Rebel
  • No Moto Guzzi, so Zyon could not check out the Flying Fortress
  • Victory was there, but they were pushed into the Polaris tent with Slingshots
  • Don't expect much from Victory to make it to Indian save for may the engine from the Octane
  • Don't expect to see a Victory bike with an Indian badge
  • BMW bikes caught Zyon's eye and sat on a few
  • R6 is a beautifully bike and the front looks angry.  Zyon is not a street bike person, but this one he liked
  • Talked to Rinehart and off-record said parts would still be coming out and will be legal in 49 states.
  • There was custom sport bike that was streched.  It has a box with a scorpion living in it.
  • Zero electric bikes was at show, but no one in area looking at bikes.  Feel that electric bikes are more the California



  • Rich and Bryce installed the swingarm bag on the Deuce
  • Mike Sawyer sent in feedback to Rico recommending that he looks at love-jugs for the Roadmaster


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Running time:  1 hour 08 minutes

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